How much does it cost?

Interior Design, re design, or staging: $75 per hour.


Custom Window Fashions, Cushions, Bedding, Etc.

In home consultation for your window fashions is $75-$125 depending on drive time.  Appropriate samples may be brought out.  We will spend the necessary time to develope the best plan for your window covering needs. 


How are window fashions and other custom products priced?

Window fashions, etc., are priced based upon the design selected for the window.  Fabrics, linings, trims, rods (often complicated rod sets ) all have to be determined.  Once we know what elements we are working with, we have to determine how much to purchase in order to make the desired product.

Once we know how many of a particular item, then we need to know the cost per  ( yard, rod ) unit.the more elements to the design the more work is involved in figuring it out. This can take many hours.

Lovely designer fabrics tend to start on the lower end about $50 ( not a great selection ) and go up sharply per yard.  I cannot compete with big box stores or fabric outlets...but I will fabricate fabric you have purchased there.I will not take responsibility for the condition of the fabric. You will be responsible for inspecting your own fabric.

Sharing a realistic budget will be helpful as I can look for elements to fit within that budget.  


Phone quotes: I will endeavor to help you over the phone for a ball park, but will warn you, it is not realistic and is subject to change.  To really benefit you, I need to see what works best to suit your needs in your home.  

Call for your in home consult or shopping service.  828-692-8257